Thursday, 21 July 2011


Dug this bank out the other day next to our house. We've skated it a few times before, pretty solid to skate, stinky ground, downhill etc. Dug a part of the bank out to try and session lip tricks etc on it. Pretty rad.

Ate shit filming there today, cheers gravel floor. Got laughed at by little scally kids. Long.

..and have the pleasure of a re-visit tomorrow morning. Love you Fuller xxx

Friday, 15 July 2011

6 weeks to go...

Video will be done in September. Thank fuck.

Law Library took a spanking. Crender time. Cue mega gay victory poses.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Eurocrend Belgium Antwerp and Brussels

Basically kicked off. Crend Mobile, Cripple Wagon and Team Lanky + Doddy hit Belgium for a street park mish. going to keep things short and sweet. Mad booze was drunk, Olly, Greg and Paget nedered, street got shredded differently, ankles were tweaked, Neil Smith is boss, pretty much everyone repped footage, John Winter was rad and hooked us up with spots, Seymour and Fuller got nails, Olly chirpsed Stoke's finest, campsite was pissed off, tashes were repped hard, and hella footy was logged.

Few cheeky screen grabs and some throwaway to follow, plus I'm sure hella photos will pop up on Facebook. Peace.

Seymour - Literal Crend

Human Torpedo MK2

Cheers Paget for the lens / microphone hit...

A solid date for the Premiere in September / Early October will be announced soon.