Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gravis thing at SS20

Rad day today, Gravis signing at the shop followed by a mass session with the team down the ramps.

Pretty poor turnout at the shop, but the skate afterwards was great fun, and I think once the Gravis guys got into it they had a good time too, I hope so.

Stoked on meeting Saari, rad bloke and a skater i've bummed on pretty hard since I first started skating, and I now have a few more signatures to add to my pro rimming wall...

Peace and Love


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Double trouble

Neglected my duties recently, so here's a double dose to make up for it.

Don't be a dick, please don't be a dick.

Some joke about standing to attention, whatever.

Rainy Day Blues

Just looked out of my window and im not impressed.

Even less impressed that Neddy's bragging about skating fondo this afternoon

Little bastard

Peace and Love


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Arto and friends in Oxford THIS WEEKEND

Poster pretty much explains it all.

Were hoping for a little session down the ramps followed by a mad piss up

Remembered this when i saw the poster, Arto in the old es video menikmati

Fucking classic

Theres two fucking rad crooks in there, im sure you'll spot em!

Peace and Love


Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Oxford Wheels Project threads

A new fashion has hit town...

A group of motivated skateboarders in oxford city have got their act together and come up with a great way of raising money for the Oxford Wheels Project.

The Jumpers are available from SS20, the ramps, or if you happen to bump into someone rocking one, it can probably be hooked up pretty quickly.

100% of the profit made from these fine garments goes back into the OWP bank account, which equals more money for resurfacing meadow lane, or more money towards the new skatepark.

Finely modeled above by oxford ripper Sam Forrest-sufrin, they come in two colours and all sizes so support your scene and get involved. They only cost £20 and are for a great cause.

Just to remind you 100% of the profit goes to charity

Peace and Love


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

im dying

Apparently, I may have swine flu.....

May explain my vomiting, drowsyness, lack of appetite, temperature, blue fingers and coughing

AWESOME! hahaha

peace and love (and health)


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

You Tubeing.

Was having a thrash on youtube earlier. Found that someone had kindly uploaded my Jason Cloete part to youtube for me, safe. Saved me the hassle!

I was really looking for this - Jason seems to have branched out into the music biz. Good luck to him.

The truth

Wybes aint been macking on shit....

Heres what ive really been up to with myself...


Peace and love


Le mans style 15 minutes

Team Abingdon plus tommy k from the 20 went go karting last Friday.

Seymour being absent as he had to hold blog cam.

The race started out well a little greesy on the track but nothing too bad. But before we knew it the darkness had sent in and so had the rain. We were having what felt like a full le mans 24 experience in 30 minutes.

Neddy being the crisp packet was extremely quick off the start but couldn't quite get past Seymour on the first straight and ended up giving up second to Jono after skipping across the grass at the start finish line and not registering one of his laps.

Tommy K didn't dissappiont getting into the spirit of things by purposely sliding the car and attempting "mario kart" style 360 spins just to see if you could.

There were plenty of spare karts and most definately next time should head down with more people.

Most importantly though the scores

1. Seymour
2. Squeaky
3. Neddington
4. Kilpatrick
5. Broad

Wybes is too busy macking on his Chikkas... well as throwing up - hence no updates.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


The only spot left from the infamous 'Broad St' area, (slightly round the corner from OG Broad Street ledges) WILL get merkalised tomorrow.

Mad claims. We got it covered.

Obviously gate is across the bottom...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Go karting

Lets go to karting oxford


peace and love


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Paddy Jones Lovenskate Tee

As I'm sure you are aware, ex-Oxford local Paddy Jones is living the life in the Big Smoke, and his art has recently started to make its way (quite rightly) in the skateboard world.

I'm sure you have all seen the Heroin Skateboards Deer Man board in SS20 that Paddy designed, however Lovenskate have just dropped this rad as fuck new tee featuring his artwork.

Little note to go with from Stu at Lovenskate:

Plus Paddy skates tranny now, who'd have thunk it! Heavy sweeper.

All pinched from here:

And then CLICK HERE, and actually but it for the mere price of £20.

Good shit Pad.

Fuck Yes.

New (but old) Penny footage is always rad. Apparently some lost footage from a comp in Paris in the late 90's. Frontside shifty flip is a joke.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I think I have to start doing these now. Wybes is ill / lazy / Dad / maybe he even doesn't give a fuck anymore. I'm going to man up instead.

Firstly, mad crew dem this weekend. Was really sick to have a proper crew out for a change rather than just 3/4/5 people going for a cruise.

Secondly I finally managed to buy / skate a pair of shoes that aren't Nike's for about 2 years. In honour of this chap...

I then bought these. ILL.

Anyway back to what actually matters. Saturday saw myself, Wybes, CLIT-HERO, Trench, Neil, Sproul, Jimmie, Sketch, Buzz, Ed "wheres yo hip hop at" Lewis, Luke Mac and Neil on filming on duties, hit Ox Penns.

I guess these explain it all, managed to rack up the first lot of footage for this new video project which was rad, plus Sproul and Wybes have unfinished business which I imagine will get attended to.

Neil with the VX out.

After coughing nuf crap up, this was destined to be the cure.

We met Broad-a-linger from work, and then skated Abbers with suit in tow. Rad little warm down session. Don merks it. Jase did a massive mosher drop in honour of Powley.

Linkage occured again today (Sunday), we checked out the new Berinsfield skatepark, looks pretty standard. But the area is scummy as fuck. Standard chimp pikeys. Might be worth a skate once its finished.

Ramps followed, session went off for a while until we retired back to Abingdon. Again, I guess pictures speak louder than words.

The homies.

Kieran came out. Smashed it, switch aired the volcano as well. Steez.

(Ballbag) I managed a full cab over the spine.

Clit. Standard crazyness.

Weekend killed it, Jason got 'on-demand' later in the day. He even made heelflips look good, and after remembering how Josh Kalis does 360 flips, he then reenacted about 20 of them. Steez.

Cheers to Sproul for the snaps.

B-rods lost solution

To all of you who know broad and his history can you let him know I have found this if he needs it.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I thought broad worked in a bank?

Turns out hes been commuting to stamford bridge everyday!

Giving nutrition tips?! haha, see him in action on youtube

peace and love


Tuesday, 2 March 2010




Kleiner Schames is Thuggin'

My homie on the left is now contributing to Broad Street, with words, rather than the occasional Gino esq clip of the man on board.

Expect mad rad art.

Serial killer?

Pos, pos. Haha.

I've put myself on a ban from skating until I've written at least 5,000 words on my dissertation - I'm on 2,035 at the moment. Shit.

Neddy stole my bit...

Neddy seems to have already written the sunday squeaky weekly for me, so i'll just chat crap for a bit.

Just to clear things up, I am not a "thug", nor am i "thuggin" or a "thug n ting" or whatever these fools have got you thinking. Im still just the regular wybes with my dad steez and a nice moderatly volumed melody from simon and garfunkel will do me just fine.



peace and love


Monday, 1 March 2010

Oxford Weekend.

Came back to Oxford this weekend, and it was fucking rad. I think I'll bore everyone with the details.

Bowled in on Thursday night, me Wybes after work on Friday, and managed to squeeze a little skate in at the Don, all be it windy as fuck. Saturday was a wash out. So we bused it to Oxford, met Luke Mac and Euan at the train station and got the scummy number 5 feeling rough as usual up to SS20. After a little chill and meeting the resident scotsman Phillip Sproul, we garbbed some food at James St Tavern, breakfast flex was good. Everyone spent some more money at SS20, then gambled a load away at Ladbrokes. Me, Shelly and Broad got robbed, Sproul, Luke Mac and Wybes made monies.

6 people and a 5 seater car don't work. Broad lost the rock paper scissors contest for a seat. But Euan manned up and let the Big Boy get a lift back.

Night out at Carling went down later. Felt proper rough after a Big Mac so wasn't really feeling it, but the bird hooked me up with £27 change and a Big Mac after paying with a £20 note. Cheers. Still was good crack! Trench was straight thuggin'.

Even G was out, repping seriously creative pub golf attire. Seriously its the first time I've ever seen anyone wearing golf stuff on a night out......

Hanging, and nissioning to Maccers for a brekky, we then missioned to the Boardroom. It smashed it. Broad did a rad fs pivot. Sproul switch hard from big bank to small was dope, oh and switch fs shuv. Oh and Wybes fs lipslide in the bowl was steez. I think I did a couple of things, but enjoyed myself either way apart from tweaking my ankle doing switch heel body varials outside. Need to stop doing gay shit.

Wybes looked like a burgler, or some mug from Home Alone on the way home. I think we've tuned him thuggin' now.

Listen to these.

Probably back this Thursday as well. Need to get the camera out. But dissertation beckons.

You suck at being you

You know those super successful, ridiculously clever, insanely hot women who you are utterly terrified of because you know that in a glance they're able tell what a complete and utter loser scumbag you are, but at the same time, somewhere at the back of your deluded little mind, you think that secretly she likes a bit of rough?

Well here she is, and no, she doesn't.