Saturday, 31 July 2010

Didcot Clip.

Little cruise at Didcot and Abingdon today. Trying to keep the blog updated with some footage on the regs, at least give the 3 people who might read this something to watch rather than reading a load of utter shite for a change.

Most importantly Redge has gained some much needed publicity. Unfortunately Alex has claimed to have killed redge...

"Redge needs the support, anyone out there who wants to support redge come and chain themselves to redge with me on the day, IT WILL PROVAIL!!!" - Christopher J. Machin

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

Didcot Clip from James Needham on Vimeo.

Quick Didcot clip incoming...

Little cruise today. Clearly meant business. Will be up soon.

If anyone could give me an exact journey time to Bristol from OX14 1XW, Alex would much appreciate it, thanks.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Vert club part 1

Some of the Newbury lot had the sudden urge to go skate some vert, just because. One big board shopping trip to SS20 later and we had a little session last night at Caterham. So fun!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Quick Crawley Clip.

Myself, Sproul, The Gimp and Zac popped down to Crawley park this evening to link with SS20 team rider, Matt 'Potter' Hill. Its a shame, Potter used to get up to Oxford a lot more in the past, but you know how shit goes. Either way, manz got transport again now so hopefully see him popping up a bit more frequently in the future.

Zac was on filming duties as well and I'm sure got more footage than I did, so I thought I'd edit my shit together real quick and then hope for a drunken Zac edit in the near future. Trust, they be boss. Looks as though Zac will be picking up a TRV950e soon, so hyped to see what he'll churn out with that. Gimme more of the raw.

Anyway, my crap. Enjoy.

Quick Crawley Clip from James Needham on Vimeo.

Here's a Potter pic as well to go with, Backside Flip from ledge over the stairs, Czech Republic '09. Photo Smay. Pinched from The Drawing Boards website. CLICK HERE to check it out if you have a spare few minutes.

More of Potter in the previous issue of Sidewalk, 165.


On some mad Penny tip at the mo. Go through these swings once every few months. How can one person look that good skating everything.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Charity Phil Sproul mission.

Charity Phil Sproul mission went down last night. He even made a line, and was snapping his board on tricks he was kinda meant to be trying!

Mad cameras.

After a hiatus of substantial updates, all should change. Getting my arse in gear. Ristecpa.


Friday, 23 July 2010


Story: Clyde Singleton

So last night, i was watching that embarrassing ass Rob Dyrdek show, and.. actually.. why did i even mention that? imma keep it trilla, and go on record to say that shows asscheeks. no hate. just being reality.. the reason i can say this openly, is because Rob & I go back like some spinal cords.. which brings me to todays, and what happens to be my first post on the Kr3w site.. See, id spend alot of time between Dyrdeks & Kareem Campbells house. but there was this one trip i’d went down there, with who i still see as not only the best skateboarder. but possibly, the most gifted athlete in the world- Tom Penny.

I’d first met Tom at a contest in Northhampton. i remember being ready to puke before my run and dude walks up and goes, “dude.. how do you do a fakie hardflip..”. First i was like, “dayum!! whas wrong wif’ this n!kka teef’?!!?” Then, we got to shooting the breeze, and he passed his J off and wished me luck. Years later, when he touched down in the states, was when we really started chilling. Day in and out, you could find me, Muska, Angel,Ronnie Creager, and Tom skating or hanging out at either Ronnie, or Angels’ crib.

But there was this one trip, when i think(we smoked ALOT of weed, so excuse my exacts) Tom & I had taken a train down to SD to hang with Dyrdek and the boys. Both Tom and I had no clothes, bag of weed, and about $100 in our pockets. The plan was to go down, get some flicks, and head back in a day, or two. Tom, being the “genius” he was, “remembered” when we arrived- all he had was some Timb’s on. Perfect.
Never the one to miss out a session, Tom joined Elissa Steamer, Dyrdek, Kelly Bird, Tom Drake and my self at the now inf amous ledge Eissa so eloquently body-checked in her debut Toy Machine part.. Tom skates up(joint in hand, Timb’s on his feet..), and starts toying switch crooking that sketchy beast from the flat, and landing about 3 stairs in.. we all had the, “i KNOW this dude aint about to..” look. he keeps toying with it.. and looks at some random kid skating and goes, “hey.. can i borrow your shoes..” i forgot who was shooting, but ive NEVER in my life seen a camera man set-up so quickly.. nevertheless..
Tom puts dudes shoes on his feet, skates back. does a couple flatground tricks. brushes what he deemed a “haircut” out his face, and i swear on everything- this dude switch crooked that sketchy ass ledge, first try.. i, nor anyone with me, had EVER seen something like that in our life.. i dont even think the dude “tried”. he just did it.. rode up. someone elses shoes. sketchiest ledge on the planet, and just did it.. to see it in the Etnies ad, was one thing. but to BE THERE, and SEE it? cmon.. as i said.. this is one of the MANY of stories i could build on about the dude, but that day in itself will always stand out in my memory.. dude was the BEST. and there will never be another. i can proudly say i was a friend of the dudes and watched alot of things people speak about- actually, go down.. so Tom. this post is for you.. fukk a Dj Khaled. you “da Bast!” and Rob.. you gotta do something bout that show, dog.

Eat That Shrimp!

donkey boner

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Manny Mania

I did a thing for Red bull's Manny Mania Beginning of the month, They just put it up.

More Skate Videos >>

Got The Relentless Tour ting and Nass coming soon, get back soon y'all.

What a wonderful world.....?

Im sure the majority of people are aware of this, but I'd like to share something disgusting with you...

It has now been announced that the rozzer involved will not be charged.

What a mess of a world we live in.

How can this happen?



Old Tings...

Re-watched this edit this morning, this trip was time ago. I had to miss it because I had an AS-Level exam on the second day of the trip. I've graduated University now, time flys.

Tim's Eindhoven 2006 or 2007 edit. Featuring mad manz.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

5th Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition

Must be one of the best contest I've seen in a while. You guys know what we have to organise next: The first Annual Iffley MiniRamp Skate Dog Competition!

So, which one do you think looks like Neddy the most? I think the brown one with a green surfboard is quite close. Or maybe the tiny one with a big board bombing down some wave at the top... Not sure. Let's have a little competition here. You guys can vote and we will pick a winner at random. The winner gets a free skate lesson with Neddy, the ending trick in his forecoming skate video, or can be the judge in our dog miniramp contest. So come on guys, every vote counts, let us know what you think!
Surfing donkey boner

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Late ramp jam post

I know it's a bit late... took me a while to get the films developed.

donkey boner

PS: Too tired to abuse Neddy right now... But don't worry, I'll try to come up something good to make up for it in the next one.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Paget to be? / Most of Oxford currently.

Little old, but fuck it.

Nice one Sam.

Ride with Us warm up...

Unfortunately cash flow meant I missed this years Ride With Us / NASS. But I'm sure Trenchard / Neil will be posting some kind of round-up soon enough.

In the mean time stumbled across this on Facebook.

'Jason You Scum', performed by Carl Wilson and Rupert Antoine.

Powerful work.

London, plus other street missions update later today.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Graduated University, somehow...

Really fucking hyped on a 2.1.

Anywho. Let the filming continue! Mad missions planned this week.