Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Paget's Disease

Paget has a pro disease out, after the release of his 6: 57 part.

Well done mate.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It seems that considering the weather, everyone should see this.

Circa 2005. (I think)

Didcot trip to Stoke, with Gander the Christian Youth Leader behind the wheel of the mini-bus. I unfortunately had to miss this glorious event, but luckily Tim was there to film this.

You may have noticed we say "Oh Shit" to Broad.....quite a lot.

This is why. I've been saving this for a special occasion, but today just seemed right. Behold....possibly the most ridiculous expression after a slam, maybe ever. God my life would be so shit without you Broadicus Maximus.



Saturday is going to be funny as fuck.

Zodiac Saturday

Don't care what night it is, just going to get destroyed.

Be there or be cooler than us.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Justin Parker

Pretty sure you have to be friends with Justin on facebook to see this, which means maybe 3 people can see it.

Oxford legend shredding in France.


If you can't see it, go look for Justin's handful of tricks in the Oxford Viewfinder 2 part.

God bless the sidewalk forum..

Possibly the most relevant website in the world right now...

Peace and love


war of the roses 2010

luke mac rocking the vodka at 10.30am in the services carpark

Had an insanely good time in yorkshire this weekend. Im fucking tired as anything, so instead of typing loads of crap im just guna copy and paste what i wrote on the sidewalk forum, makes my life easier....

"What a beast of a weekend!

Sick day at the works, highlights were obviously mike vs the driveway and the bowl session was pisstake as always.

Nice to meet a bunch of ya last night at the pub place, although everyone seemed to disappear quite early! we ended up in the place next door which was open til 6, my attempts to get people there somehow didnt work (if you had some pissed up twat in a brown shirt demanding you drink more, and not head off, im sorry, that would have been me..)

Got back to the hotel about 6.30 and had to be out by 10, (FUCKING NIGHTMARE) but sadly decided to give blackpool a miss, mostly due to me having a shit rear wheel drive car which wont move in snow! had a chiller sesh at the house instead. Driving back to oxford was a fucking joke, so tired and nearly killed us all a few times.

As i said before, amazing weekend and i cant describe how fucking stoked i am on UK skateboarding.

ROLL ON 2011!"

peace and love


Shoes off the sofa love

Saturday, 20 February 2010

This guy....

Joesph Tarquin Quentine Henry Wensleydale Paget is staying in Sheff this weekend. Back in Oxford soon.


Paget in Sheff.

The book ('book on a fucking skate trip!?, tripping') he brought with him is excluded.

Blue Steel??

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Then there were the Go Skate Day times...

...Bored, avoiding work, stumbled upon a Seymour crookie monster.

Will find a Wybes one later.

And because I have to look at this shit, you should to.

Fuck Phil Sproul - apparel coming soon.

I hope everyone understands the irony in this. Basically spoke to Alex at Shirt Works, will be £10 a tee to get made so its easier to do one for everyone who wants one. Will have the facebook f, then UCK PHIL SPROUL in massive black capitals on a white tee.

Holla at me on facebook if you want one, and a size, need to order in the next few days so I can pick em up next weekend when I'm back.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shop Mobility Ramps Edit

Possibly the best thing on the internet.

Mon Barbour footage!

Excuse the mobbing shoes.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Phil Sproul

Scottish cunt, everyone thinks so....

Peace and love

Im a lazy jeb end

Ive been a right lazy shit over that last month or so, and this is my first update in ages, so i'll try and make it a good one. Firstly, it looks like weve lost botley bowl, this is a massive shame and it makes you think about quite how many cunts there are in the world. RIP botley

Right, last weekend a bunch of us english (and one scottish) fools hit up stockholm sweden for a weekend chilling and skating the fryhuset park. That was a mad trip and my god sweden is cold in feburary! and I survived it without a coat, pretty stoked!


The aftermath of a slam that put me out of action for the rest of the weekend...

But at least keiran fucking killed it!!

The sweden pissing around camera phone/digi cam edit is a couple of posts below, check it out if you so wish.


Message here from Dr Jack Richens:

The next OWP meeting is going to be on Tuesday 16th February at the East Oxford Community Centre at 7pm.

We'll be meeting with engineers and designers to discuss the proposals for the concrete replacement of Meadow Lane Skatepark so if you want to see the designs and make any suggestions, get yourself along.

Hope to see you there

Get your arse down there this tuesday for input, if you dont input, you cant bitch afterwards.

Not much else to report, but I will warn you, willy grinds are blowing up. mark my words, theyre coming back...

Peace and love


Friday, 12 February 2010

Botley Bowl looks pretty dead...

...possibly loosing this old relic in the near future as repairs are too much, apparently.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

I don't even care how Photoshopped she probably is


Skated sweden, got sweded, it was swedish.

Been back a couple of days and it's nice to know we brought the weather with us. Nothing like stacking your bike in front of a few school children to really brighten your morning up.  Though i did get into work (early)  to find that Neil had already put together the crapcam edit of sweden.  We were staying on a boat a fact that will now be re-iterated by T-Pain for your amusement while we skate.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rad comment posted on Chrome Ball.

"There used to be this warehouse in SD that disributed human skateboards, but they had a vert ramp and a little street course, would see all the Wash. St. Locals there skating the vert. I skated the street course with Tom and he would murder it, switch backside lipslides the entire box in the midnineties, that switch-flip revert on command. He rolled around the street course and then started skating the vert ramp, pushing from the bottom, pissing off Navarette, Moffat, and those guys. He made his way to coping and frontside flipped and then cab backside lipped the entire ramp and then rolled off back into the street section completely padless leaving all those guys on the deck with their pads looking retarded. Tom couldn't have cared less and just rolled around, the vert dinosaurs were stumped though, they would piss on the street skaters, and one of them just destroyed their 'turf;. IT was awesome."