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Few offcuts from Flip's Extremely Sorry. Probably as good, if not better than his part.

Manny round to blunt, fs ollie in. Pisstake.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Not really Oxford/Berkshire related, but Matox dwells around these parts for Uni, plus Rob Crawford, Paget, Phil Parker etc sweem to dwell around these parts somewhat to come and skate good skateparks, ha!

Anyway, you should find £8 and head over to either:



RESKUE (Southampton)

... to purchase a rad little Independent video.


Adam Keys
Curtis Jehsta
Jak Tonge
Joe Paget
Phil Parker

This was a park/offcuts edit I filmed on the Drawing Boards Tour to Czech Republic September '09 featuring Jak - Also featuring that crusty metal-er, Potter. (Kinda brings it back to Oxford(ish) in the end)

More Skateboarding >>

Stockholm syndrome..

Stoked, few manz heading out to Stockholm, Sweden in a couple of weeks.

Going to be amazing, Sweden's one hell of a rad country!

Noticed whilst doing my research though:

Average daylight hours in Febuary : 3
Average maximum temperature in Feb: -2
Average minimum temperature in Feb: -5

Better pack my warm pants then, and eat some carrots on the plane.

Peace and love

Jimmie and Sketch live paint.

Mad skills down at the cellar.

Alex Moul.

Frontside Flip.


Thursday, 21 January 2010


Jet Set Willy's adopted child Broad has left the country again. He's with his Mrs in the city of fine food, Paris. I really hope the French love how rude he will be.

I'm almost 100% sure in saying Abingdon is crumbling once again without him for a few days I feel the need to share this photo with with 3 people that might read this thing.

Broad's last trip a-broad. Eindhoven '09.

Check the fucking steez on that!!!

Broad = Boss.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not strictly skateboarding.

I'm sure everyone remembers Lucas Brammell and Stef 'Doris' Nurding who frequented Oxford's scene this summer. I managed to film a fair few bits with Lucas over the summer which will be in another edit from the stuff I managed to film in Oxford over the last 18months.

Lucas managed a trip to Sheffield in the Autumn before buggering off to Morzine with Stef to do a snowboard season. Lucky fucks.

Unfortunately we didn't get anything as Lucas merked himself trying this. I say trying, he basically did it, landing on more than a few:

bs feeble Photo: Dan Beall

More to the point Stef has landed herself an interview (Snowboard wise), after recently joining the Head UK Team if I remember correctly. (Holla if this is crap I made up in my head Stef) PEEP HERE TO SEE THE INTERVIEW.

Props homie.

Have a play with this...

Create your own David Cameron poster! Amazing fun, and sort of relevant because hes the witney MP.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Just One More.... Again

A lovely little trip down memory lane at this time of year is lovely.  It's not going to blow your mind though we have plenty of varial flips getting me banned from several skateparks across the country and may be why radlands got shut down. Early footage of manga and a bloody northener Stu what more could you want here it is

Just One More ....     "again"

balls you'll need to be logged in to facebook and be one of our friends i'll update it with a better link when i can.

Onion News - kills it.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The sunday squeaky weekly

Im writing this at 3am in a warehouse in hackney, absoluty fucked.

I thought id try and brave london for a skate this weekend, turns out its a bad idea. Royal oak was fucking rammed, so me and tim found ourselves at the 3.30pm.

Next we thought we would head down to leo sharps exhibiton whilst it was in town, and when we rocked up it was closed, so one massive ballache of a trip which could have been avoided, so yet again we found ourselves a nice little pub, must have been around 5pm by this point.

Im not sure what else to say really, dont suppose it matters, no cunt ever reads this shit

peace and love

Southampton Boys United Nations, featuring Abbers.


Rob Crawford's Younited Nations entry...holy shit.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Incredibly shit parting gift...

As of tomorrow I'm back in Sheffield to finish my last full semester of Uni - pretty fucking shitting it as I have a mad work to do because of pretty 'relaxed' Christmas, but hopefully skateboarding will be done.

A couple of days after Christmas or before I don't know, can't really remember. We attempted a trip to the Boardroom, it was crap (not the park) but we spent 3 hours in a car and made it maybe 20miles up the road. Sweet.
On the way back we stopped it at a Little Chef. I remember thinking how boss these were when I was kid. With hindsight, they are shite, I suddenly remember how rubbery their fucking peas were. Either way we stopped and I made Wyborn film a little bitch about the day, and Too Tall Tim did some extreme coffee drinking. Oh and Seymour ate my lolly.

Enough of that rambling - a few weeks ago we linked with John who hooked us up with this little gem out near Leamington somewhere. Cheers pal.

Right CLICK HERE to watch possibly one of the shittest things you might ever see. Filming props mainly to The Beard.

Direct Blip TV Link:

See you in a couple of months. Oh and this was meant to be done by Christmas so excuse the crap song. Wyborn told me to use it, honest.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

team abingdon and the incredible snow penis

team abingdon playing in the snow and this is the only thing that could have gone down.
team abingdon playing in the snow and this is the only thing that could have gone down.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back once again with the renegade master

Not owning a TV or a subscription to Heat magazine, I know nothing of popular yoof-culture so I'm hesitant to say this is Eliza Dushku, although 95% of my brain is telling me this is correct. Answers on a postcard.
I just remember her making some barking noise in Jay and Silent Bob and instantly getting a boner. So, whoever the fuck this is, all I can say is 'WOOF'.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Forgotten footage...

I only just remembered this clip of Mouly down the ramps, after Beard (Zac, addareverttoit) sent it to me ages ago.

Hope he doesnt mind me posting this up, but i think it deserves to be seen...

Peace and love

Just to clairify...

Im not lying, and it definatly did snow this week.

Hope this clears things up for those in doubt....

Peace and love

Oxford Extreme Store has officially closed.

Safety Greg rolled passed extreme pre-christmas to find it had shut its doors for good.


If you unfortunately used to shop there, now go here --->

Wybes lied...

...linked with Scott Whittaker early on in the week (pre-snow) for one of those depressing Oxford street sessions. Managed to get a bit of stuff mind.

Weather was like this though.


The Sunday Squeaky Weekly...

Its been a bleak week.

Been skating once and even then it was only me and neddy having a game of skate to see who gets the kettle on.

Spent half the week stuck in abingdon because my bloody car doesnt like the snow at all.

Had a sick time in the snow for the first couple of days, but now its just long bruv...

Heres our snow castle

Nothing more to report

Peace and love

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Neil Roberts Footage Test

Few clips from Neil's new camera. Expect more soon...

Sidewalk pimpage.

Cheers Corpsey...

Sidewalk Link: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jason Cloete - Full Part

This was meant to be Jason's part in my now folded scene video Nothing But The Shire. Obviously we weould have continued to film, but this is basically most of the footage from the last 18months.

Hope you enjoy it.

Quicktime link to follow later...

More Skateboarding >>

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Triangle Una ad

Oxford's favourite Beer Processing Plant, Tom Watts - latest Unabomber advert, featuring the closest shave. Flick & catch!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Sunday Squeaky Weekly

Here it is again, the squeaky weekly with my thoughts, views and opinions on the last 7 days.

To keep it short, its been fucking cold and icy, making it tough to get out there and get a skate in. With the barn still being on lockdown after some greasy cunt pooed in there, weve been out there braving the elements and fucking ourselves up on ice covered concrete.

The last week is my last week off work before I go back to that prison, so ive been making the most of it, sleeping in till some one wakes me up, being lazy as shit and skating for a few hours in the afternoons.

The only thing that has really stood out to me over the last week was our horrible trip to MK. I can honestly say ive never had such little fun on a skateboard as I had there. Im not having a go at the place, I imagine its sick if youre a ledgeatarian, but as prefer to sesh something with at least a slight gradient on it, I found myself sat in the car smoking hundreds of cigarettes and making numerous trips to subway.

Boring update this week, but I swore id update this at least once a week.

Nothing exciting to report, so heres a picture of everyones favourite mincer,


Peace and love