Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sea, skate and sun

Strange thing about them skate road trips I'm going on with Neddy lately, is that I'm always hangover. I don't know why really, I try to be good and pace myself, but no, it's always the same. It's got to be some kind of karma thing, you got drunk, you've been a bad boy, now you've got to spend the whole day with Neddy to pay for it. Damn, it's as feeling like shit is not bad enough already! On top of that you've have Neddy's annoying squeaky voice bouncing back and forth inside of your (rather empty) brain until you ears bleed. Fuck, I'd rather have my finger nails ripped out by jew-hating, homophobic, goal scoring Germans (4-1 really hurts...), while my eye balls are being push inside of my skull by chocolate bars wielding humpalumpas on a crack binge, than do that again.

But karma has strange ways, I'm not the only one to have suffered there. Neddy managed to unleash the full power of the angry almighty god of destruction, the brewstinator! And boy did he pay for it! He was shouted at like a little rent boy who didn't perform his swallowing duties!

Anyways, it was a very nice day, and we drove down to Portsmouth for a street skate and a swim. We went to the university spot, which is pretty sweet and chilled. Really cool grass bit under the shade for people recovering from alcohol abuse.

After couple hours we went to a school with three nice plastic benches. The only problem was to try to control Neddy and his raging hormones. He was skating back and forth between the benches trying to find young boys to fiddle with... or maybe he was just following people trying to get their lines down... Who knows, I will let you decide (little boys is it, I tell you!!!).

We finally ended up at the Portsmouth beach front, right next to the pier.

I'm proud to say that I was the only one to man up and have a dip in it.

After the compulsory icecream, burger and some disappointing stone skipping (yeap, Portsmouth's pebbles are crap), we headed back to Oxford with a little stop on top a hill to enjoy the view one last time.
And also to mess around some farmer's crops...

Oh, before I forget, it seems that people down south might like Neddy, at least it's what this sign suggests...

Boy must they must be a bunch of retarded inbred rednecks for that!

Anyways, I do pride myself on my positive thinking, so to finish on a good point, I say that this sign suggest that maybe, just maybe, Neddy's not such a lost case after all. There's got to be one farmgirl (or boy as my present post is strongly suggesting so far) that will make this little shrimp happy one day. You just have to keep on digging Neddy, go my boy, dig as deep as you possibly can with your creepy crooked hobbit's fingers!
Anyways, i have to lay off the Neddy for a bit. I hope you'll excuse my french during this last post. I'm sorry, just can't help being myself...
Donkey boner

Spelling mistakes corrected for you Baguette. Neddy.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lines on flat are rad, right?

Sunny days / evenings, smooth floor, cruising through people. Win. Will put a more substantial post together tomorrow with a nice Paget slam for your enjoyment.

Sure Greg has a load of photos to post up as well. Should be sick, had a surprisingly productive last couple of days, where as Squeaky has been away at Glasto', vibing out to Snoop Dogg.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Late night ramps

We popped down the ramps last night. Took a couple of mobile shots.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cheers Chaps.

Neil's edit bagged a bit if sidewalk pimpage.


Monday, 21 June 2010

OWP/SS20 Ramp Jam 2010 Video


More Skate Videos >>

Youtube version here too:

Ramps jam June 2010 seymours pov

After a long and extremely drunken Saturday night out in Oxford with almost all my favourite people I know, I woke up on Saturday feeling surprisingly well rested and was called to arms with the only car with a boot almost big enough to fit the barbecue in to get it to the ramps jam.

So zac got the bad boy fired up and got to cooking broad some meaty treats.

Not long after broad pulled a back feeble 270 in out of the bag and netted himself a t-shirt what with them being prizes you can't always guarantee you'll get one big enough.

This man here

Was very pleased with himself after going on a board cocking spree

Our favourite Newbury lads were down.

Little robbie got a super smooth back lip

Jason had a sniff of alcohol got drunk and started throwing himself around the place.

Luke_23 on flickr caught me half cab blunting over the spine with my flappy arms one foot style and pins out.

Lawrence showed everyone who was the most g when it came to flips tricks on ramp.

Plenty more happened and I'm sure once everyones bodys recovered from the day and the night before. Some of the other guys will take the time to upload their photos and their comments

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ramps Jam tomorrow!

Beers, BBQ, and a guaranteed laugh.

Other prizes from Girl and Skate Mental. Hopefully see everyone there!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some kind of mega weekend post?

Its 1am, I'm battered at Alex's house, thought I'd do a blog post because Baguette and Alex have chipped to bed.

This weekend smashed, World Cup started, booze, chilling, and a rad Oxford street mish, nuff heads out - Watts, Jimmie, Trench, Neil, Sproul, Wyborn, little Jason, Alex etc. Got abit of footage, Watts smashed out a banger, as well as this gem.

Tom Watts, make? Purple Bank from James Needham on Vimeo.

Paget up in the O-Town, on wrist recovery.


Trench made it out, mashed shoulder aside. HD angle for sure.

Safe as fuck University Security. Never thought I'd see the day they'd be reasonable! Maybe it was because it was before England's world cup match. Ha.

Roll deep.

Cheers Paget.

Inevitable when Mr. Watts is out.

It is worth attempting to street skate Oxford just so you might see a bloke like this. Jesus. Didn't really seem to like the suggestion of lilac either.

We cruised the ramps a bit Sunday, Gimps return continued, and we gave a new spot a proper session. Fucking rad weekend, with mad crew. Sketch has moved / is moving away this weekend, good luck with the new job mate!

Ramps Jam next Sunday, 20th June. More specific info when someone makes a flyer this week. Beers, BBQ, music, plus stuff to win from a number of people I was told but have forgotten already. Will be rad.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Useless wooden toys......?

I think not.

This seasons must try, fried egg cooked on a board-be-que

Broad certainly doesn't fuck around.

Peace and love


While we're pissing away the footage...

...Here are some clips from Phil Sproul that we're not gonna use. Please excuse the crappy, out of focus, steady shot on filming.

Phil Sproul offcuts June 2010 from Neil Roberts on Vimeo.

More bits and bobs soon. Maybe.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Oregon is OregON!

Leddys american wasteland tour is now booked up, £520 on flights, awesome...

15 days of bowls, BBQs, beers and bitches in San Francisco and Oregon.

This is the big one

Peace and love


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ballbag / School Boy Error

Neil was on bail-cam duties for me and Phil this weekend, but unfortunately left Steady Shot on, which basically means the vignette wobbles around so kind of renders the clip not really useable. As most of the other footage I've filmed over the last few weeks needs keeping under lock and key still, I thought I'd ballbag the shit out of myself and post this line up. Proper crap.

Neddy - Andover Line, Throwaway from James Needham on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Doodling on Walls...

Done did this last week with a bunch of reprebates.
Have a gander!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

...and we found a little snake.

'nother quick one.

Missions continue.

Managed to film a few rad lines at another spot today, the above wasn't quite so fruitful thanks to mega-wind. Trench was out as well, still nursing a shoulder injury, so was on moral / laughing at gloves out of cars duty.

Next rainy day, will put a big update together. Too much skating / filming to bother with one at the mo! Over and Out.

cheers ned....

That picture below makes me look demented....safe

peace and love


Friday, 4 June 2010


If anyone actually gives a shit about what goes on here, I'm sorry, since I've been back in Oxford all I've done is film.

Everyones been getting on it and we're starting to get a decent amount of footage together. Even Squeaky came out street skating and filmed a line!

I'll put some kind of mega update together when I get a chance, maybe next time I stay at Alex's while he's at work, or when I get 5 minutes and have completed my bull shit list of things to do thats as long as me arm!