Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Quick Crawley Clip.

Myself, Sproul, The Gimp and Zac popped down to Crawley park this evening to link with SS20 team rider, Matt 'Potter' Hill. Its a shame, Potter used to get up to Oxford a lot more in the past, but you know how shit goes. Either way, manz got transport again now so hopefully see him popping up a bit more frequently in the future.

Zac was on filming duties as well and I'm sure got more footage than I did, so I thought I'd edit my shit together real quick and then hope for a drunken Zac edit in the near future. Trust, they be boss. Looks as though Zac will be picking up a TRV950e soon, so hyped to see what he'll churn out with that. Gimme more of the raw.

Anyway, my crap. Enjoy.

Quick Crawley Clip from James Needham on Vimeo.

Here's a Potter pic as well to go with, Backside Flip from ledge over the stairs, Czech Republic '09. Photo Smay. Pinched from The Drawing Boards website. CLICK HERE to check it out if you have a spare few minutes.

More of Potter in the previous issue of Sidewalk, 165.

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