Thursday, 12 August 2010

Park edits.

Hopefully you may have noticed a considerable increase in video content in the last couple of weeks. Street missions then park missions, so that whilst all street footage (at the moment) is being saved for the still untitled video, we can post up park edits to satisfy about 2 peoples needs for footage.

Anyway I'm bored of trawling through spotify etc to find good tunes then 'wasting' them on park edits, so I've decided to leave it to Reggie Yates' Radio 1 top 40 do it for me. I trusted that dude when he did that morning show with Fearne Cotton on BBC, with that little puppet...Nev was it, but yer, my faith is in you Reggie. Club Smashes all the way.

Short Cutterzslowe / Abingdon clip should be up tonight, and some kind of mega edit from this weekends little camping trip to the West Country.

Over and out.

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