Friday, 4 March 2011

Massive Hiatus.

Apologies if anyone gave a shit about what goes on here. Happy Christmas, New Year etc all that good shit. Weather's started to ease up a bit so back skating outdoors. Been on a few night mishes recently. Racked up a bit of footage of myself and Sproul, been a good crack.

We moved out to Mon's house, (Wybes, Broad and me). Mad Fifa was played, I apologyed Wybes. But by far the most significant apology dished out was Wybes to Broad. Heavy shit.

Wybes Apology. from James Needham on Vimeo.

Should have some kind of Skatebox edit up soon, want to make one last trip to film some stuff. So if anyones keen!

In a bit.

Mosher Drop?

Phil Sproul - Night Mish Mosher Drop from James Needham on Vimeo.

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