Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cherry popping time

So Neddy added me as a new contributor to his blog... Pretty big thing. I feel kinda honoured. I never blogged before. I never thought that there will be people interested in what I have to say. Well, to be honest, I don't think Neddy really cares about what I say. He just laugh at my french accent regardless of the content of my sentences. So what is this all about? Is there some option somewhere in the blog editing tools where you can switch the french accent on/off? Damn, that would be pretty good. Maybe I'm onto something here. Neddy, if you make money out of that, I want my share.
Anyways, I guess the reason I've been added to the blog contributor is because I come along to some of them weekend skate trip and take pictures of the didcot/oxford crew. So maybe it's time for me to post some of them.
Alright, let's get on it. But before I start putting pictures of our sunday mission, let's put things into context. I started the day drunk. I woke at 9 and was still drunk off my face. So what do you do in this kind of situation? Damn right you go back to bed and hope that the next time you wake up your buzz would have worn off. Second try at waking up around 11... still a bit drunk...
Daaaaaaamn, you know it's gonna be a hard do when your hangover hasn't even started yet!
So here I am, after having some sort of greasy breakfast, I find myself in Alex's car along with Luke and Euan, struggling to keep my eggs and sausages in my stomach. I don't even know why I agreed to get on that skate mission. The last thing I want to do is go out in the cold and try to skate. So here you go, I didn't wanted to be there and even less wanted to skate. So I won't put any skate pictures up for you today.
Instead, I'm talk about the other things that went on while some people were skating.
Here's a good one. We went to the Iffley's mini ramp thing. It just got revamp (but you should already know that if you're a keen follower of Neddy's blog). It's all nice and shiny. Pretty much every skater's dream. So what people do there? I tell you what they do, they ride a shitty flat bit next to it that was made out of the revamp leftovers. Fucking retards. I've ashamed to say that most of our crew had a go at it... Lame...

Because it was pretty crowded we left after 5 min and went to what is in my humble opinion, a shit skatepark, cowley. I still felt like shit, I still didn't wanted to skate and it was pretty crowded too. So this is what happen instead.
Big up to Seymour for that little circus trick. It did brighten up my day.
Then we had broad doing a re-make of the classic "eat my shrimp"... Although he fucked up, 25p tortillas crisps from tesco ain't the real deal. But still, funny man.
I don't really know why but some people were actually having a good time skating there, as proven by Jono's happy face.
We then carried on to Abingdon skatepark. Much better. Plus my hangover was slowly wearing off and I did skate a bit. Sweeeeeet.
Seymour also saved the day by bringing his oldskool ghettoblaster down. Yeah tunes!
Broad, if you read this, you have good moves bru. You're like the patrick swayze of Oxford. Dirty dancing's got nothing on you.
Alright, Neddy probably won't be too happy if I don't put at least on skate picture. Hey, don't be fooled tho, I'm not giving up like that. You're gonna get your skate picts but it ain't from nobody from our crew. Here's a little smith grind by our stranger of the week.
I'm such a cool guy, thanks to me that kid has his picture on this world famous blog. Shit, he might even get hooked up thanks to me. This blog is like the berrics, but for Oxford.
Ok, I guess it's time for me to stop. That was a pretty long post, especially considering it was my first one. I am now part of the blogging generation. Does that make me super cool? Am I gonna get loads of horny female fans knocking at my door? You'll find out in my next post if Neddy doesn't delete my account by then.
Ayoba mother fuckers

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