Thursday, 6 May 2010

How's it hangering

May day hit everyone extremely hard. With Seymour working till 8 am. Squeaky partying till the early hours an plenty of others at least trying to do the same. Nothing much happened in my skating world till the Monday when we got the Nedy phone callswclaring a street skate. We made it to purple banks where after getting all setup for a spot of filming this tool pulle up in his Audi and blocked the bank.

If you see him feel free to let his tires down

We got in contact with trench as the rain started and headed down to Newbury after we skated the most awful metal park for half an hour we noticed these local representatives teaching their dog to never let go.

Handy for when it chews the face off a child.

The end of the day was rounded up with a trip to the hangar.

Where tricks a plenty were had over the homemade kicker. Won't tell you why they are as they may be in the vid. That and I wa pretty tired from driving all night the pics are blurry an I can't remember.

Them we got the boot hopefully not a sign of things to come. New plan of attack for next time. Park up by the businesses and walk in.

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