Monday, 21 June 2010

Ramps jam June 2010 seymours pov

After a long and extremely drunken Saturday night out in Oxford with almost all my favourite people I know, I woke up on Saturday feeling surprisingly well rested and was called to arms with the only car with a boot almost big enough to fit the barbecue in to get it to the ramps jam.

So zac got the bad boy fired up and got to cooking broad some meaty treats.

Not long after broad pulled a back feeble 270 in out of the bag and netted himself a t-shirt what with them being prizes you can't always guarantee you'll get one big enough.

This man here

Was very pleased with himself after going on a board cocking spree

Our favourite Newbury lads were down.

Little robbie got a super smooth back lip

Jason had a sniff of alcohol got drunk and started throwing himself around the place.

Luke_23 on flickr caught me half cab blunting over the spine with my flappy arms one foot style and pins out.

Lawrence showed everyone who was the most g when it came to flips tricks on ramp.

Plenty more happened and I'm sure once everyones bodys recovered from the day and the night before. Some of the other guys will take the time to upload their photos and their comments

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