Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some kind of mega weekend post?

Its 1am, I'm battered at Alex's house, thought I'd do a blog post because Baguette and Alex have chipped to bed.

This weekend smashed, World Cup started, booze, chilling, and a rad Oxford street mish, nuff heads out - Watts, Jimmie, Trench, Neil, Sproul, Wyborn, little Jason, Alex etc. Got abit of footage, Watts smashed out a banger, as well as this gem.

Tom Watts, make? Purple Bank from James Needham on Vimeo.

Paget up in the O-Town, on wrist recovery.


Trench made it out, mashed shoulder aside. HD angle for sure.

Safe as fuck University Security. Never thought I'd see the day they'd be reasonable! Maybe it was because it was before England's world cup match. Ha.

Roll deep.

Cheers Paget.

Inevitable when Mr. Watts is out.

It is worth attempting to street skate Oxford just so you might see a bloke like this. Jesus. Didn't really seem to like the suggestion of lilac either.

We cruised the ramps a bit Sunday, Gimps return continued, and we gave a new spot a proper session. Fucking rad weekend, with mad crew. Sketch has moved / is moving away this weekend, good luck with the new job mate!

Ramps Jam next Sunday, 20th June. More specific info when someone makes a flyer this week. Beers, BBQ, music, plus stuff to win from a number of people I was told but have forgotten already. Will be rad.

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