Thursday, 14 January 2010

Incredibly shit parting gift...

As of tomorrow I'm back in Sheffield to finish my last full semester of Uni - pretty fucking shitting it as I have a mad work to do because of pretty 'relaxed' Christmas, but hopefully skateboarding will be done.

A couple of days after Christmas or before I don't know, can't really remember. We attempted a trip to the Boardroom, it was crap (not the park) but we spent 3 hours in a car and made it maybe 20miles up the road. Sweet.
On the way back we stopped it at a Little Chef. I remember thinking how boss these were when I was kid. With hindsight, they are shite, I suddenly remember how rubbery their fucking peas were. Either way we stopped and I made Wyborn film a little bitch about the day, and Too Tall Tim did some extreme coffee drinking. Oh and Seymour ate my lolly.

Enough of that rambling - a few weeks ago we linked with John who hooked us up with this little gem out near Leamington somewhere. Cheers pal.

Right CLICK HERE to watch possibly one of the shittest things you might ever see. Filming props mainly to The Beard.

Direct Blip TV Link:

See you in a couple of months. Oh and this was meant to be done by Christmas so excuse the crap song. Wyborn told me to use it, honest.

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