Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not strictly skateboarding.

I'm sure everyone remembers Lucas Brammell and Stef 'Doris' Nurding who frequented Oxford's scene this summer. I managed to film a fair few bits with Lucas over the summer which will be in another edit from the stuff I managed to film in Oxford over the last 18months.

Lucas managed a trip to Sheffield in the Autumn before buggering off to Morzine with Stef to do a snowboard season. Lucky fucks.

Unfortunately we didn't get anything as Lucas merked himself trying this. I say trying, he basically did it, landing on more than a few:

bs feeble Photo: Dan Beall

More to the point Stef has landed herself an interview (Snowboard wise), after recently joining the Head UK Team if I remember correctly. (Holla if this is crap I made up in my head Stef) PEEP HERE TO SEE THE INTERVIEW.

Props homie.

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