Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Sunday Squeaky Weekly

Here it is again, the squeaky weekly with my thoughts, views and opinions on the last 7 days.

To keep it short, its been fucking cold and icy, making it tough to get out there and get a skate in. With the barn still being on lockdown after some greasy cunt pooed in there, weve been out there braving the elements and fucking ourselves up on ice covered concrete.

The last week is my last week off work before I go back to that prison, so ive been making the most of it, sleeping in till some one wakes me up, being lazy as shit and skating for a few hours in the afternoons.

The only thing that has really stood out to me over the last week was our horrible trip to MK. I can honestly say ive never had such little fun on a skateboard as I had there. Im not having a go at the place, I imagine its sick if youre a ledgeatarian, but as prefer to sesh something with at least a slight gradient on it, I found myself sat in the car smoking hundreds of cigarettes and making numerous trips to subway.

Boring update this week, but I swore id update this at least once a week.

Nothing exciting to report, so heres a picture of everyones favourite mincer,


Peace and love

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