Sunday, 14 February 2010

Im a lazy jeb end

Ive been a right lazy shit over that last month or so, and this is my first update in ages, so i'll try and make it a good one. Firstly, it looks like weve lost botley bowl, this is a massive shame and it makes you think about quite how many cunts there are in the world. RIP botley

Right, last weekend a bunch of us english (and one scottish) fools hit up stockholm sweden for a weekend chilling and skating the fryhuset park. That was a mad trip and my god sweden is cold in feburary! and I survived it without a coat, pretty stoked!


The aftermath of a slam that put me out of action for the rest of the weekend...

But at least keiran fucking killed it!!

The sweden pissing around camera phone/digi cam edit is a couple of posts below, check it out if you so wish.


Message here from Dr Jack Richens:

The next OWP meeting is going to be on Tuesday 16th February at the East Oxford Community Centre at 7pm.

We'll be meeting with engineers and designers to discuss the proposals for the concrete replacement of Meadow Lane Skatepark so if you want to see the designs and make any suggestions, get yourself along.

Hope to see you there

Get your arse down there this tuesday for input, if you dont input, you cant bitch afterwards.

Not much else to report, but I will warn you, willy grinds are blowing up. mark my words, theyre coming back...

Peace and love


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