Monday, 22 February 2010

war of the roses 2010

luke mac rocking the vodka at 10.30am in the services carpark

Had an insanely good time in yorkshire this weekend. Im fucking tired as anything, so instead of typing loads of crap im just guna copy and paste what i wrote on the sidewalk forum, makes my life easier....

"What a beast of a weekend!

Sick day at the works, highlights were obviously mike vs the driveway and the bowl session was pisstake as always.

Nice to meet a bunch of ya last night at the pub place, although everyone seemed to disappear quite early! we ended up in the place next door which was open til 6, my attempts to get people there somehow didnt work (if you had some pissed up twat in a brown shirt demanding you drink more, and not head off, im sorry, that would have been me..)

Got back to the hotel about 6.30 and had to be out by 10, (FUCKING NIGHTMARE) but sadly decided to give blackpool a miss, mostly due to me having a shit rear wheel drive car which wont move in snow! had a chiller sesh at the house instead. Driving back to oxford was a fucking joke, so tired and nearly killed us all a few times.

As i said before, amazing weekend and i cant describe how fucking stoked i am on UK skateboarding.

ROLL ON 2011!"

peace and love


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