Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rad comment posted on Chrome Ball.

"There used to be this warehouse in SD that disributed human skateboards, but they had a vert ramp and a little street course, would see all the Wash. St. Locals there skating the vert. I skated the street course with Tom and he would murder it, switch backside lipslides the entire box in the midnineties, that switch-flip revert on command. He rolled around the street course and then started skating the vert ramp, pushing from the bottom, pissing off Navarette, Moffat, and those guys. He made his way to coping and frontside flipped and then cab backside lipped the entire ramp and then rolled off back into the street section completely padless leaving all those guys on the deck with their pads looking retarded. Tom couldn't have cared less and just rolled around, the vert dinosaurs were stumped though, they would piss on the street skaters, and one of them just destroyed their 'turf;. IT was awesome."

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