Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's all blue in Portsmouth

Met up with paget in Portsmouth and watched him get a ***** blunt gap out.

(Sorry Seymour, photo taken out because it is for his first light, haha - Neddy)

Saw some douches playingguitar out on the ledge of a top flat window. Hey fuckers the beatles already did it.

We followed it up with a trip to little johnny russels were we met this guy. Machin who's chilling down these ends now for Uni.

We watched the new blueprint video and Baines and Jerome killed it. But so did everyone else to be fair. Chilling in the pub now with everyone realising it's a long drive home and Neddy will most likely get shotgun. - (Which I fucking didn't, and nearly pissed myself on the way home)

And this is how we got there. Wybes new mobile. Pimp daddy

And here is Neddy chilling with his home boy Jerome.

Take your pic of these three pics.

And Neddy now don't forget to take COD back for Jerome. Or no shoes for you.

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