Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rest in Peace Guru

Excuse the side step from skateboarding, but...

Legendary Gangstarr artist Guru has finally been beaten by cancer, (after suffering a heart attack and going into a coma a few months ago) at the age of 43.

Guru is a fucking genius, half of Gangstarr alongside DJ Premier. After splitting from DJ Premier in 2003, Guru went on to start 7 grand records with producer Solar. I have rinsed Gangstarr tunes since I was a nipper, the man is genius.

For more information surrounding his death and last words etc CLICK HERE.

I can't say that the above link is 100% reliable, but all I would say is the man was a fucking musical genius. Listen to the tunes posted below, some of my favourites.

Rest In Peace.

I can't imagine he will ever be forgotten.

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