Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Sunday Squeaky Weekly...

Winter is in full swing. Christmas just around the corner, snow blanketing our streets, and our fingers failing us as we try to roll that cigarette under a windy bus shelter.

Its not the best time of year for skateboarders, and Ive had the full on winter blues for the last week, not really helped by 2 freezing cold sessions and lots of slaphands under London's westway.

Then today I thought: FUCK THE COLD

Come on chaps, lets get on it. Wrap up warm, thermos flask full of coffee (or tea if your gay) and double up on socks.

Lots of trips to indoor parks and some more edits from neddington will hopefully give you some more motivation.

Plus, lets see what you lot have been up to? Send me links to any edits or send me photos to wack up on here. This is a noticeboard for the whole Oxfordshire skate scene and we want as much input as possible!

Peace and love

Dont let the winter get you down

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