Monday, 14 December 2009

Welcome to Broad Street..

Ah Broad Street, world famous, home of Blackwells Bookshop and the first ever Oxfam, and the gateway from the centre towards the majority of oxford street spots. Broad Street is also the name given to the new Oxfordshire skate scene blog, which is going to be updated regularly with photos and edits to keep everyone as hyped as we are on Oxford skateboarding.

Theres alot going on in the Oxford skate scene at the moment. The cutteslowe kids are flipping into everything, the street rats are clocking up NBDs at the classic spots and the old men at the ramps are slaying it as always.

Anyway, its my bedtime, got to start an early shift at possibly Oxford's worst asset tomorow. Im going to leave you with the Oxford Video section from Viewfinder 2. Been used hundreds of times, but never gets old... Peace and Love

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