Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Sunday Squeaky Weekly...

Time for the second edition of the sunday squeaky weekly.

Its been an odd week for me, but odd in a rad way. I hope everyone had a good christmas and are enjoying time off work/school/college/uni/whatever the fuck you lot do. Havnt had much chance to skate with the weather being shit as it has been. However I did have the priveledge of cleaning up broken glass and smashed up bricks on christmas day at the abingdon skatepark.

So im calling on the skateboarders of the world to start operating a no-bullshit policy. If you see anyone being a cunt at any skateparks, issue them with a severe beatdown. Its not our job to be sweeping up crap and cutting ourselves on other cunts glass.


On a lighter note, the last two days have been sick. We hit up zoo-ology for an undercover sesh just to scratch the skateboarding itch, and for today the plan was to hit up Paris for the day using the Eurostar.

However once we realised that we had all been stupidly pissed/cronned up when this was planned (the night before), and it probably wasnt going to happen, we decided on London instead, a much more realistic decision.

We hit up royal oak, then thought itd be a good idea to try and hook up with some mates in Crawley, so we battled through the centre of London in the wybesmobile (which is definatly a new experience for me) stopping to view all the tourist sights on the way. 2 hours later, we pulled up at Crawley and had the most fun session ive had in a very long time.

Just got home now, and im fucking shattered. So long in the car today, and im definatly bored of driving. Time to chill and take it easy, no more long journeys for me for a while!

Shit, up at 7am to drive to Canterbury, I was hoping id done my monthly stint on the M25, obviously not.

Bed time innit,

Peace and Love

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