Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Le mans style 15 minutes

Team Abingdon plus tommy k from the 20 went go karting last Friday.

Seymour being absent as he had to hold blog cam.

The race started out well a little greesy on the track but nothing too bad. But before we knew it the darkness had sent in and so had the rain. We were having what felt like a full le mans 24 experience in 30 minutes.

Neddy being the crisp packet was extremely quick off the start but couldn't quite get past Seymour on the first straight and ended up giving up second to Jono after skipping across the grass at the start finish line and not registering one of his laps.

Tommy K didn't dissappiont getting into the spirit of things by purposely sliding the car and attempting "mario kart" style 360 spins just to see if you could.

There were plenty of spare karts and most definately next time should head down with more people.

Most importantly though the scores

1. Seymour
2. Squeaky
3. Neddington
4. Kilpatrick
5. Broad

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