Sunday, 7 March 2010


I think I have to start doing these now. Wybes is ill / lazy / Dad / maybe he even doesn't give a fuck anymore. I'm going to man up instead.

Firstly, mad crew dem this weekend. Was really sick to have a proper crew out for a change rather than just 3/4/5 people going for a cruise.

Secondly I finally managed to buy / skate a pair of shoes that aren't Nike's for about 2 years. In honour of this chap...

I then bought these. ILL.

Anyway back to what actually matters. Saturday saw myself, Wybes, CLIT-HERO, Trench, Neil, Sproul, Jimmie, Sketch, Buzz, Ed "wheres yo hip hop at" Lewis, Luke Mac and Neil on filming on duties, hit Ox Penns.

I guess these explain it all, managed to rack up the first lot of footage for this new video project which was rad, plus Sproul and Wybes have unfinished business which I imagine will get attended to.

Neil with the VX out.

After coughing nuf crap up, this was destined to be the cure.

We met Broad-a-linger from work, and then skated Abbers with suit in tow. Rad little warm down session. Don merks it. Jase did a massive mosher drop in honour of Powley.

Linkage occured again today (Sunday), we checked out the new Berinsfield skatepark, looks pretty standard. But the area is scummy as fuck. Standard chimp pikeys. Might be worth a skate once its finished.

Ramps followed, session went off for a while until we retired back to Abingdon. Again, I guess pictures speak louder than words.

The homies.

Kieran came out. Smashed it, switch aired the volcano as well. Steez.

(Ballbag) I managed a full cab over the spine.

Clit. Standard crazyness.

Weekend killed it, Jason got 'on-demand' later in the day. He even made heelflips look good, and after remembering how Josh Kalis does 360 flips, he then reenacted about 20 of them. Steez.

Cheers to Sproul for the snaps.

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