Monday, 1 March 2010

Oxford Weekend.

Came back to Oxford this weekend, and it was fucking rad. I think I'll bore everyone with the details.

Bowled in on Thursday night, me Wybes after work on Friday, and managed to squeeze a little skate in at the Don, all be it windy as fuck. Saturday was a wash out. So we bused it to Oxford, met Luke Mac and Euan at the train station and got the scummy number 5 feeling rough as usual up to SS20. After a little chill and meeting the resident scotsman Phillip Sproul, we garbbed some food at James St Tavern, breakfast flex was good. Everyone spent some more money at SS20, then gambled a load away at Ladbrokes. Me, Shelly and Broad got robbed, Sproul, Luke Mac and Wybes made monies.

6 people and a 5 seater car don't work. Broad lost the rock paper scissors contest for a seat. But Euan manned up and let the Big Boy get a lift back.

Night out at Carling went down later. Felt proper rough after a Big Mac so wasn't really feeling it, but the bird hooked me up with £27 change and a Big Mac after paying with a £20 note. Cheers. Still was good crack! Trench was straight thuggin'.

Even G was out, repping seriously creative pub golf attire. Seriously its the first time I've ever seen anyone wearing golf stuff on a night out......

Hanging, and nissioning to Maccers for a brekky, we then missioned to the Boardroom. It smashed it. Broad did a rad fs pivot. Sproul switch hard from big bank to small was dope, oh and switch fs shuv. Oh and Wybes fs lipslide in the bowl was steez. I think I did a couple of things, but enjoyed myself either way apart from tweaking my ankle doing switch heel body varials outside. Need to stop doing gay shit.

Wybes looked like a burgler, or some mug from Home Alone on the way home. I think we've tuned him thuggin' now.

Listen to these.

Probably back this Thursday as well. Need to get the camera out. But dissertation beckons.

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