Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Oxford Wheels Project threads

A new fashion has hit town...

A group of motivated skateboarders in oxford city have got their act together and come up with a great way of raising money for the Oxford Wheels Project.

The Jumpers are available from SS20, the ramps, or if you happen to bump into someone rocking one, it can probably be hooked up pretty quickly.

100% of the profit made from these fine garments goes back into the OWP bank account, which equals more money for resurfacing meadow lane, or more money towards the new skatepark.

Finely modeled above by oxford ripper Sam Forrest-sufrin, they come in two colours and all sizes so support your scene and get involved. They only cost £20 and are for a great cause.

Just to remind you 100% of the profit goes to charity

Peace and Love


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